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Functional & Regenerative Medicine

bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women, individualized functional lab analysis and optimization, and customized IV Vitamin, mineral, and peptide infusions

Nutrition Services provided by

The Awakened Plate

Utilizing food sensitivity, genetic, micronutrient, and gut biome testing and promoting changes in one’s lifestyle and diet, Melissa Callari, RD, CDN, INCP, CLT guides patients towards obtaining optimal health.

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Pain Management

Dr. Szerlip provides various treatment options for pain and depression, such as medical cannabis certification, ketamine infusions, and PRP epidurals. Under the NY State medical cannabis program, Dr. Szerlip evaluates and certifies individuals not only for painful conditions but for all conditions approved by NY State.


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Opioid Dependency

Recovery and an opioid-free life are attainable. Dr. Szerlip designs personalized Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid dependency, incorporating buprenorphine products and frequently complemented by medical cannabis therapy.

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Our Process

Our practice adopts a comprehensive approach to enhance overall health and well-being. Before crafting or implementing any treatment plan, thorough assessments are conducted for all patients. In functional and regenerative medicine, we meticulously analyze laboratory data. Nutrition is addressed with highly specific food sensitivity testing. Opioid dependency treatment is tailored based on individual needs, expectations, lifestyle, family considerations, and medication response. Pain management involves a thorough review of medical records, including MRI reports and past treatments. We remain readily available to provide ongoing support to optimize all treatments.


Take a Step Toward Optimal Health

Chronic pain and opioid dependency are undoubtedly debilitating conditions. At Serenity Medical Consulting, we provide hope, ongoing support, and individually tailored treatment programs addressing each person's unique needs. We employ Buprenorphine-Assisted Treatment with and without medical cannabis for opioid dependency, as well as medical cannabis therapy for chronic and severe pain. Your path to recovery is attainable at Serenity Medical Consulting. Take the first step and call us.


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