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About Us


Dr. Gregg Szerlip-

Serenity Medical Consulting


Dr. Szerlip is an anesthesiologist and has treated chronic pain and opioid addiction

for over 27 years. He provides Buprenorphine-Assisted Treatment for opioid

dependence using all available buprenorphine medications and is also a

state-approved certifying physician for the New York State Medical Cannabis

Program. Dr. Szerlip recognizes the importance of maintaining a continuous line of

open and respectful communication with each and every patient. He is always

available, especially during the most difficult times.

Now with the help of Melissa Callari, RD, the two offer a multifaceted holistic approach to functional and regenerative medicine, nutrition, opioid addiction, pain management and medical cannabis services. Through a careful assessment Dr. Szerlip and Melissa Callari, RD will investigate each individual’s needs and create a completely personalized and custom approach to help each person meet their goals and to become the best they can be. 

All treatments are provided in a safe, private, and comfortable setting while maintaining a continuous line of open and respectful communication with every patient. Whether it is in person, by telephone, emails, HIPAA compliant texting services, or by video visits, treatment success and sustained recovery are achieved. Dr Szerlip and Melissa Callari are always available because they are committed to providing both the educational and emotional support that is needed to be instrumental in each patient’s success. Serenity Medical Consulting always puts the patient first and is there when they need them the most!


Get to Know Dr. Gregg Szerlip

and Melissa Callari, RD









Dr. Szerlip received his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1990 and has practiced in the fields of anesthesiology, pain medicine, addiction therapy, and now functional and regenerative medicine and Melissa Callari received her RD degree from SUNY Stony Brook. Collaboratively, they offer the latest advancements in medical care to help prevent disease and to maintain a healthy productive life.

Once Dr. Szerlip and Melissa Callari consult with you and have reviewed your medical records, you will obtain a complete treatment plan to start you on your road to optimal health.  


Contact us today, and let Serenity Medical Consulting guide you on the path to a healthier life.

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