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The journey to a healthier life begins with food and nutrition. Every person processes food differently. 

Melissa Callari, RD, CDN, IFNCP, CLT and The Awakened Plate has been helping patients achieve their goals of healthy diet and lifestyle for the past 25 years. In association with Serenity Medical Consulting, she will meet with you to review your lifestyle and medical history, and through highly specialized food sensitivity, genetic, and gut biome testing, will create a personalized and nutritionally sound meal plan. She will guide you through the process and your probability of success will increase substantially. The results are undeniable.

Imagine having more energy, thinking more clearly, having more confidence, and being proud of yourself for achieving your personal health success. Serenity Medical Consulting takes into account all medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies as well as previous and current lifestyles before your tailored nutritional program is mapped out. Having a plan will assist you in confronting a fast-paced lifestyle to serve your overall wellness. Take charge of your life today and learn more.

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